Kawaii Crepe

People who dig crepes, really dig crepes.  And as Winnipeg, MB’s absolute favorite crepe shop, the owner Candy, wanted to give her loyal customers a little something special, make it easier to connect, and award them with ongoing prizes, promotions and fun.  This version is only the beginning for them…

5 Odd Things To Bet On During The Holidays

holiday betting
5 odd things to bet on during the holidays

The holidays are always nuts.  It feels like the entire month of December is jambo’d with parties, events and obligations.

Some of these are a ton of fun in of themselves, especially if you have hilarious family and friends like I’m lucky enough to have.

BUT, tossing a few bets on otherwise pretty mundane stuff can really spice it up a notch or two.

Here’s 5 odd things to bet on during the holidays:

  1. Food. Who else is pretty sick of turkey dinners?  I am.  Shake it up.  Who can force down the most turkey?  Who can scarf the most meatballs?  Who can convince the family to supplement sushi for turkey?  Who can eat the most, least, spiciest, blandest, grossest, weirdest?
  2. Drink. Have a drink off.  Challenge your biggest uncle to a drink off.  Bet on which uncle will get the drunkest?  Bet you can get a pretty tame aunt tipsy.  Pick weird ingredients and see who can make a better shot.
  3. Work. Who can you wear the ugliest tie to work?  Who can make the nastiest cookies and make everyone eat one?  Who is gonna be the drunkest person at the Christmas party?
  4. Gifts.  Most annoying wrapping job?  Who can buy the most obscure and oddly meaningful gift?  Who can buy the biggest gift for under $10?  Who can buy the worst card?
  5. Parties.  Bet on who’s gonna say the most inappropriate thing.  Who can do the most embarrassing thing?  Who can convince someone else to do the most embarrassing thing?

The simple rule:

We made this app because betting is fun, right?  The thing is, it doesn’t matter what you bet on, even the smallest and oddest thing can make mundane stuff fun.  That’s the rule: bet on anything and bet on everything.  Keep it fun.  Always Pay Up.

Happy Holidays!


WakeUUUP!: Changing the Alarm Game.

WakeUUUP! is out to change the alarm game.  Who says waking up has to be a struggle?  Who says alarm clocks have to suck?

We don’t think it does.  So we made it fun.

Get Your Friends To Wake You Up: Endless Alarm Possibilities, Share With Friends, Use It Anywhere.  

Oh, and it’s completely FREE.